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Aluplast Ideal 5000 windows

Aluplast Ideal 5000 windows are one of our most popular systems for renovations. With a depth of 70 mm and five chambers, the profile impresses with its security. The intelligent safetec inside technology makes break-in attempts almost impossible. Upon request, you can choose the bonding technique bonding inside, with which even higher security is achieved. In addition, the Aluplast Ideal 5000 system offers excellent sound insulation of up to 47 dB to keep street noise out. Available with numerous coatings and the option to choose the Aluskin design, the window is particularly variable.



  • 70 mm depth
  • Wide range of colours
  • 5-chamber profile
  • Security up to RC3
  • Medium product range
  • For renovations
  • up to 47dB sound insulation (class 5)
  • Profile available with aluskin aluminium covers

Safetec inside

With the purchase of Aluplast 5000 windows you increase the burglary resistance of your home. This is thanks to the safetec inside technology with which the windows in this series are equipped. This consists of a fixed central bar that functions as a barrier in the frame. This improves the thermal insulation values.

Bonding inside

To further increase the burglary resistance of your windows and doors, you can choose Bonding Inside. This is a bonding technique where glass panes are fitted inside the profile. This strong bond between the glass pane and sash means greater stability and durability. Aluplast Ideal 5000 windows will make you feel even more secure.

The types


Ideal 5000


Aluplast 5000 aletta 40

Ideal 5000 Aletta


Technical Data


Burglary resistant up to RC3
Aluplast Ideal 5000 windows


Air infiltration DIN EN 12207 "Class 4"