Frequently asked questions


How can I get a quote?
There are two ways to get a quote. You can calculate via the online configurator or you can request a quote by filling out our form.
Can you send me one of your representatives?
Our sales network is based on online quotation. When you have a quote from us, you can request the intervention of our technician. We are organised throughout Italy.
What is the delivery time?
Our delivery time varies from 70 to 90 days after ordering. For special items you have to allow an additional two weeks.
I would like to change my window frames will there be masonry work?
No! Our mounting systems require no masonry work.
What is the difference between the 'Configurator' and the 'Quote Request'?
The configurator is suitable for those who wish to have total freedom in customising their windows and doors. It allows you to independently select the size, opening type, brand, colour and all other relevant details. At the end, you will be able to view the cost of your configuration. D'altra parte, la richiesta di preventivo è più appropriata per i clienti che hanno un budget prefissato ma non hanno ancora chiara la soluzione ideale per il loro acquisto. È possibile scegliere tra le fasce Basic, Medium o Topclass e il nostro team sarà a disposizione per aiutarvi a individuare la configurazione perfetta per soddisfare le vostre esigenze.


How do you choose the perfect product for your needs?
It is not easy to find the perfect windows for your home: it is certainly impossible to do so, at a glance, because there are so many parameters to evaluate, both aesthetic and practical. Thanks to WinDirect's practical customised estimate request service, you can become the designer of your home, obtaining estimates for PVC windows and doors online by filling in a simple form.
How does it work?
How? It's simple: just choose what you need. If you would like to request a quotation, you can enter the required details in an easy and guided way. First, the product range you require: pvc windows Basic, Medium or Topclass. Next, you can even select your brand of choice from the German premium brands featured on WinDirect: Schuco, Rehau, Salamander or Veka, to name but a few. Another fundamental specification is the colour: there are many colour mixes and effects available, including glossy plastic, wood-like, metallic or white handles. Once you have chosen the structure and aesthetics of your frames, you move on to the practical side: indicative measurements and quantity of the windows you want, and the type (1, 2 or 3 sashes, fixed, sliding, balcony doors). Then you can also opt for a series of additional articles, indispensable accessories for your PVC windows and doors, i.e. shutters, blinds or mosquito nets. And the convenience is even greater because you can add assembly, transport and even the removal of old windows to your estimate. At this point, simply enter your name, city and email address to receive the quote that fits your needs perfectly.
How can I activate technical support?
Again through the intuitive online form, you can also request, after the estimate, a home measurement service: a technician will come to your home to take precise measurements, in order to avoid any changes to the project in progress. For those who prefer to design their own pvc windows and doors, there is winDirect's online configurator, a proprietary tool that allows you to design the project and estimate yourself, for all DIY enthusiasts.


Who are the beneficiaries of the ecobonus?
The beneficiaries who may apply for the 2023 ecobonus 50% tax deduction, as confirmed by the application forms, are all individuals with or without business income, whether resident or non-resident in Italy who are also:

- Holders of rights in rem over the property
- Tenants of the property
- Condominiums or condominium communes
- Associations of professionals
- Public or private entities not engaged in commercial activities
- Family members of the owner of the dwelling (the latter, however, must make the purchases personally and to whom transfers and invoices must be made out)
- Co-tenants
- Natural persons, companies and corporations with business income
Which works are deductible with the ecobonus?
Before talking about the work, it is good to take a moment to mention all those buildings that are eligible for the ecobonus and these must from when the work actually starts be

- existing, i.e. registered, or have a pending application for registration, and be in order with the payment of any taxes;
- equipped with a winter air-conditioning system.

So what are the works included in the environmental bonus and the sustainability of the 50% tax deduction on window and door renovation expenses? Let us see together what works are included in the government bonus, highlighting some essential and very important details for all those who intend to apply for the bonus: - Replacement of existing elements, including replacement parts
- Intervention that delineates a heated volume towards the outside or towards unheated rooms

In detail, in order to claim the bonus, a number of criteria must be met for both initial and final thermal transmittance values!


- For all interventions started on or after 6 October 2020, the initial thermal transmittance values must be higher than the limit values given in Table 1 of Annex E, more specifically of Ministerial Decree 6.08.2020


Thermal transmittance values, on the other hand, have a whole series of minimum values and must be:
- For all interventions commenced before 6 October 2020, the values must be less than or equal to the limit values given in Table 2 also of Ministerial Decree 6.08.2020
- For all work commenced on or after 6 October 2020, the values must be less than or equal to the limit values given in Table 1 of Ministerial Decree 6.08.2020

All works must comply with all national and also local regulations concerning town planning, energy efficiency, safety and construction in general. At this point a question arises: what are the expenses that could be requested, and not only, that could facilitate the entire application and subsequent distribution process?

- Insulation (i.e. thermal insulation) or replacement of shutter boxes in compliance with transmittance laws for all frames
- Supplies and installation (also as replacement) of windows, entrance doors, skylights
- Supplies and installation (also as replacement) of shutters, blinds and other fixture accessories
- Additions and replacements of window frame components
- Services such as production of technical documentation and supervision of works
How to apply for the ecobonus
Before submitting any application, it is a good idea to make sure that you are among the potential beneficiaries of the ecobonus, which means finding out whether, in terms of documentation and making the building compliant, you meet the requirements. If you fall within the latter, you must submit your request before 90 days from the end of the renovation and energy optimisation works, on the ENEA website. Together with the application, it will therefore be necessary to submit a descriptive sheet of the work carried out, whether on condominium buildings or on a single structure or several structures. A technical description of the work and general documentation testifying to the building's regularity and compliance with the established criteria must also be attached. In the absence of one or more of the aforementioned documents, the application becomes inadmissible and will clearly not be accepted. It is also important to note that in order to benefit from the tax relief, it will be essential to submit payments by bank or postal transfer, and the documentation must include:

- The tax code of the beneficiary of the tax relief or deduction
- The tax code or VAT number of the beneficiary of the payment
- The reason for the payment (respecting the current law 296/06 and energy saving)

To conclude, other essential documentation to submit the application is:
- Tax return (single or 730 form)
- Receipts of wire transfers of expenditures made
- Enea Documentation
- Receipt of Enea file submission
- Declaration of consent of the execution of work by the owner (in case of work carried out by the property holder)


How to insert the first window frame
The first thing to do, as anticipated, is to enter the desired width, height, quantity, type of sashes and type of glass. To do this, simply go to the top, centre of the page to the "configurator" section, where we will find text boxes where we can enter the dimensions, i.e. the width and height of the window or pane; next to this we will find pop-up menus where we can initially select certain types of sashes and, to the right, by clicking on the same menu box, as many types of glass will appear.

At this point all we need to do is press the blue "Add row" button at the top right, next to the text boxes and the menu boxes, in order to create the first general outline of the estimate to be presented, in fact after clicking on it the page will update automatically.
How to change colour and glass
Once the page has been refreshed, a box will appear below the menus with all the information entered, separated into small titled boxes. In the "Colour group" box, clicking on the image that appears will open a further menu where you can choose the most suitable colour shades for the glass.

Similarly, in the 'Glass type' box it will be possible to choose the specific characteristics of the glass such as: accident-prevention glass, shatter-proof, acoustic insulation, etc.
How to change the type
To change the type of sash or sashes, just as with color and glazing, simply click on the inscription above the image in the “Item Type” box, thus accessing a large section of sash types to choose from for your windows.
How to change product categories
To change the product segment of the windows in your estimate, simply go to the top left-hand corner just below the WinDirect logo, where, via a strip adjuster, you can choose from three ranges: BASIC - MEDIUM - TOP class. Clearly, each of them indicates different qualities, but all of them are absolutely excellently manufactured.

In each of the sections you will be able to choose different models in turn, but it doesn't end there, because exactly to the right of the regulator strip you will find several well-known companies producing the various glasses.
How to request a quote
At this point, all you have to do is click at the top right on "request a quote", an action that will take you to a new page where you only have to confirm your choices step by step, finally providing your data (name and surname) and email, where the quote itself will be sent.