Benefit from the Ecobonus: Save with Energy Recovery!

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How does the Ecobonus work?

The Ecobonus is an important incentive for those who want to make energy improvements to their homes, with a focus on changing windows and doors.

This incentive offers the possibility of recovering 50 per cent of the expenditure incurred, thus showing a significant saving in utility bills. Opting for the Ecobonus not only contributes to the economic well-being of users, but is also a positive gesture for the environment.

Pay later!

Beneficiaries have the possibility to dilute the payment of the remaining import in convenient instalments, ranging from 12 to 60 instalments, starting 90 days after the transaction. This financial flexibility makes the Ecobonus even more accessible, allowing beneficiaries to adopt environmentally friendly solutions without immediate financial burdens.

Ecobonus 50 %

The Ecobonus provides 50 % tax recovery at no extra cost.

Make a significant contribution to environmental protection.

Pay later! Instalment payment option.

New! Payment in instalments


Up to 60 instalments

Start paying after 3 months


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Sustainability that Saves: Ecobonus + Payment in Instalments!

Incentivise your sustainability with economic advantage: Explore the possibilities of the Ecobonus integrated with our financing and instalment proposals for a green and affordable future.

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What is the 50% Ecobonus tax deduction?

Let's talk today about the 2023 Ecobonus envisaged by the Italian government for all those works to replace or modify windows, doors and doors, which are aimed at improving energy performance in order to achieve a sufficiently sustainable thermal efficiency.

More specifically, we will see under what conditions the bonus is applicable and what the requirements are to benefit from it, after having applied for it. We can already anticipate that the bonus covers the replacement or modification of windows, balcony doors, entrance doors, shutters, blinds and awnings if north-facing.

For all modifications that are to be made, it is worth remembering that replacements and modifications of any type of door or window can only be covered by the bonus if it leads to an actual improvement in thermal efficiency.

The tax deduction dedicated to the replacement of windows and doors results in a 50% saving on the total expenditure, which, however, cannot exceed €120,000. The bonus is dedicated to all those who: incur energy requalification expenses and who own a real right to the real estate units constituting the building and can apply for it until 31 December 2024.

Throughout the rest of 2022, it will still be possible to benefit from a substantial tax deduction, forming part of all those building bonuses that not only benefit those who apply for them, but in general are an important step towards the environmental sustainability of our planet. Particularly in this historic period of energy insecurity, efforts must be made to limit the damage to both the wallet and the Earth.

The 3 Main Advantages of the Ecobonus

Here is the procedure

How does it work?

1Who are the beneficiaries of the ecobonus
The beneficiaries who will be able to apply for the 2023 ecobonus 50% tax deduction, as confirmed by the application forms, are all persons with or without business income, whether resident or non-resident in Italy:
  • Holders of rights in rem over the property
  • Property tenants
  • Condominiums or common condominiums
  • Associations between professionals
  • Public or private entities not engaged in commercial activities
  • Family members of the owner of the dwelling (the latter, however, must make the purchases personally and to whom transfers and invoices must be made out)
  • Commodators
  • Individuals, companies and corporations with business income
2Which works are deductible with the ecobonus
Before talking about the work, it is good to take a moment to mention all those buildings that are eligible for the ecobonus and these must from when the work actually starts be:
  • existing, thus stacked or having a pending application for stacking, always in order with the payment of any taxes;
  • equipped with a winter air-conditioning system.
So what are the works included in the bonus for the environment and the sustainability of the 50% tax deduction on renovation expenses for windows and doors? Let us see together which works are included by the government bonus, highlighting some essential and very important details for all those who intend to apply for the bonus:
  • Replacement of existing elements, including spare parts
  • Intervention delineating a heated volume to the outside or to unheated rooms
In detail, a number of criteria for both initial and final thermal transmittance values must be met in order to claim the bonus!
  • For all interventions commenced on or after 6 October 2020, the initial thermal transmittance values must be higher than the limit values in Table 1 of Annex E, more specifically of Ministerial Decree 6.08.2020
Finals The final thermal transmittance values, on the other hand, have a range of minimum values and must be:
  • For all interventions started before 6 October 2020, the values must be less than or equal to the limit values in Table 2 also of Ministerial Decree 6.08.2020
  • For all interventions started on or after 6 October 2020, the values must be less than or equal to the limit values in Table 1 of Ministerial Decree 6.08.2020
All work must comply with every national and also local standard concerning town planning, energy efficiency, safety and building in general. At this point a question arises: what expenses could be claimed, and not only that, that could facilitate the entire application and subsequent distribution process?
  • Insulation (i.e. thermal insulation) or replacement of shutter boxes in compliance with transmittance laws for all fixtures
  • Supply and installation (also replacement) of windows, entrance doors, skylights
  • Supplies and installation (including replacement) of shutters, blinds and other window accessories
  • Additions and replacements of fixture components
  • Services such as production of technical documentation and supervision of works
3Come richiedere l’ecobonus
Before submitting any application, it is a good idea to make sure that you are among the potential beneficiaries of the ecobonus, which means finding out whether, in terms of documentation and making the building compliant, you meet the requirements. If you fall within the latter, you must submit your request before 90 days from the end of the renovation and energy optimisation works, on the ENEA website. Together with the application, it will therefore be necessary to submit a descriptive sheet of the work carried out, whether on condominium buildings or on a single structure or several structures. A technical description of the work and general documentation testifying to the building's regularity and compliance with the established criteria must also be attached. In the absence of one or more of the aforementioned documents, the application becomes inadmissible and will clearly not be taken into consideration. It is also important to note that in order to take advantage of the tax relief, it will be essential to submit payments by bank or postal transfer, and the documentation must include:
  • The tax code of the beneficiary of the tax relief or deduction
  • The tax code or VAT number of the payee
  • The reason for the payment (respecting the current law 296/06 and energy saving)
Finally, other essential documentation for submitting the request is:
  • Tax return (Modello Unico or 730)
  • Receipts of transfers of expenses
  • Enea Practice
  • Receipt for sending the file
  • Declaration of consent for the execution of works by the owner (in the case of works carried out by the property owner)