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Energeto Ideal Neo Md windows

In the modern world of construction, attention to detail is essential to create spaces where functionality and aesthetics come together in harmony. Windows play a key role here, influencing natural light, thermal and acoustic insulation and the overall aesthetic appearance of buildings. In this context, the Aluplast Energeto Ideal Neo Md window presents itself as a high-class solution that combines timeless elegance with optimal performance.

The Aluplast Energeto Ideal Neo Md window has excellent thermal performance in addition to the elegance of its design. With a heat transfer coefficient (Uf) of only 1.1 W/m²K, this window offers excellent insulation, reduces heat loss and helps save energy. Its optimal configuration with an overall transmission coefficient (Uw) of 0.76 W/m²K ensures constant comfort in all seasons.

The Aluplast Energeto Ideal Neo Md window is made of high-quality materials and designed to last. Its burglar-resistance class up to RC2 provides excellent protection against break-in attempts. This window offers users peace of mind and security as well as exceptional performance.


  • Installation depth 76 mm
  • Thermal insulation Uf = 1.1 W/m²K
  • 5-6 chambers
  • Safetec inside technology
  • Uw =0.76(W)m²K in the best configuration
  • Three levels of sealing
  • Woodec and Aludec colours
  • Burglary resistance up to RC2

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Tailored elegance for every style

The Aluplast Energeto Ideal Neo Md windows have a refined appearance thanks to the decorative woodec and aludec surfaces. Aludec offers a fine-grained matt surface that resembles powder-coated aluminium and is perfect for a modern style, while woodec imitates the naturalness of wood, leaving a warm and inviting impression. These decorative surfaces offer a choice of seven shades, allowing you to customise your windows according to your taste and preferences.

The window design is an ode to simplicity and elegance. The ultra-thin window, with a profile of only 110 mm, maximises the entry of natural light into the room. Its simple, symmetrical shape fits in well with any type of architecture.


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It doesn't matter whether you prefer a modern or classic design. Energeto Ideal can meet all your needs!


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Safety and Durability: You can't go wrong with Ideal

Choose Aluplast Ideal Neo and transform your rooms into safe and functional spaces.

The advanced design and technologies of the Aluplast Energeto Ideal Neo Md windows guarantee a comfortable user experience for years. A permanent connection between panels and door guarantees exceptional durability without repeated adjustments and reduces the risk of deformation and weakening over time. It is a reliable and long-lasting window.

Safetec Inside technology is one of the window's strongest points. This new technology, with a special pressed centre seam and additional internal seals, improves both sealing and weather resistance. You can rest easy knowing that Safetec Inside protects your home from any potential danger.