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Gealan S 9000

STV® Technology


Windows of previously unthinkable dimensions.

Discover the new STV (static dry glazing) innovation of bonding glass and profile with an adhesive tape. With STV technology, it has become possible to produce much larger window frames than in the past. The profiles are already equipped with the adhesive tape, thanks to which glass replacement can be carried out without great difficulty. The window becomes lighter and no special equipment is needed, so assembly becomes much easier. STV technology makes the window more stable and improves both burglary resistance and thermal insulation.

Discover Gealan S 9000

Gealan S 9000 windows and doors in the Topclass range for new construction or renovation. The S 9000 system is available in all variants concerning foil, acrylcolour or basic body. In order to achieve a slim and elegant design, the sash has a 15° oblique cut and the viewing area has been reduced to a minimum. Thanks to its three insulation levels, Gealan S 9000 achieves the excellent Uf value of 0.92 W/m². In addition, the flexible central seal in the frame rebate improves thermal insulation by preventing moisture from entering the house.


  • 6 compartments
  • 52 mm thickness
  • Gealan STV technology
  • Wide range of colours
  • Topclass product range
  • For renovations and new construction
  • up to 50dB sound insulation (class 4)

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Why choose STV

  • Larger elements
  • Best statics
  • Improved thermal insulation
  • Cost optimisation
  • Increased burglary protection

Why should I choose Gealan?

Less profile, more light

The new Gealan-Lumaxx differs from all previous systems with its much narrower profile. To change the rebate or transom, our customers were often obliged to choose profiles 150 mm and wider. However, such heavy elements worsen the elegance of the façade and diminish the amount of light, which most enter the flat. Gealan Lumaxx provides elegance, ease of use and security with much thinner profiles.

25 % MORE glass surface area

To create brighter spaces, modern architecture relies on large window frames. Not only for new buildings, but also for renovations, thin elements are in great demand to maintain the elegance of historic buildings. The Gealan S 9000 system allows us to realise extremely thin connections. Choose Gealan e for a larger glazed area, and up to 25 per cent more light.


Energy efficiency


Increased glass depth

Improved thermal insulation

Steel shapes

Optimised statics

6-chamber geometry

Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation

Sealing system

Flexible central seal for optimised energy efficiency

Less profile - more light

Cutting edge technology

After years of technological optimisation, it has been possible to minimise the footprint of the Gealan Lumax profile. Gealan keeps the thermal and static transmittance ratio balanced, in harmony with the closing hardware. The central node creates a symmetrical appearance, and ensures simplified use in the construction of the window.

No compromise

Although the designers placed more importance on the subtle appearance of the profile, the functionality of the statics was never neglected. Thanks to the static characteristics of the profile, and the reinforcements used in both profiles, elements up to 2.30 m high in white and 2.20 m in coloured can be created. STV® technology can be realised with frames up to 2.50 m in white and 2.40 m in coloured.


Technical Data


Burglar-resistance DIN V ENV 1627 to 1630, 'RC2
Gealan S 9000 windows


Air infiltration DIN EN 12207 "Class 4″