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The need for large sliding patio doors that open to outdoor spaces such as gardens has increased with the growing adoption of glass surfaces in modern homes. This vision becomes a reality thanks to the sliding door Aluplast Smart Slide.

The sliding door can be up to 5.80 m x 2.4 m in size and offers a customised solution to meet the needs of customers with modern, large spaces. Its elegant and classic design blends in with any architectural style and the closing mechanism is comfortable and very smooth.


  • Thermal insulation U(f) 1.3 W/m²K
  • Construction depth 70 mm
  • Glass thickness up to 41 mm
  • Bonding technology 'Bonding inside' (optional)
  • Numerous colours and coatings
  • Dimensions up to 5.80 m x 2.4 m

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Excellent performance

With a reduced construction depth of 70 mm and a Uf value of 1.3 W/m2K, the sliding door offers excellent thermal performance. By choosing from a variety of coating options and opening mechanisms, you can further customise your sliding door.

The Aluplast Smart Slide offers a safe and comfortable environment in all seasons thanks to brushless seals and additional locking points. This means you are optimally protected against wind, water and air infiltration.

Unrivalled stability and reduced maintenance requirements over time are guaranteed by Aluplast's high-quality hardware and innovative design. You will enjoy a reliable sliding door for many years.


Smart Slide is the sliding door revolution

Explore Infinite Design Options

The Aluplast Smart Slide can be used in kitchens as a window that maximises natural light, creating a bright space for socialising and cooking. Or instead as a large balcony door in the living room, offering beautiful views and illuminating the interior with natural light, making the room more comfortable. Thanks to its intelligent design, SmartSlide offers unparalleled comfort, functionality and aesthetics in any environment.