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Schuco Living pvc windows


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  • Profile class A - DIN EN 12608-(Suitable for climate zone M/S)
  • Wide range of colours
  • Topclass product segment
  • For renovations
  • For new construction
  • Depth for triple glazing

Record-breaking thermal insulation


Schuco Living (German Schüco) PVC windows. Living replaces the SI 82 series with some optimised technical details. The market in the Topclass segment tends to focus on 82 mm thicknesses. The new Living system achieves a thermal insulation of Uf 0.96 instead of the 1.1 of the predecessor Schuco SI 82. Schuco PVC windows from the Living series fit perfectly into any façade of your new building or can be incorporated into any renovation project.

Schuco Living follows the great success of the previous SI 82 system and retains the classic lines. Those who have chosen Schuco windows in the past have no problem extending or adapting the new Living model windows. Technical changes to align with competing products such as Salamander bluEvolution 82, Rehau Synego and Veka Softline 82 Md remain on the inside and are not visible. Schuco pvc windows, a long-lasting investment with classic lines that do not go out of fashion.

Living puts an extra gear thanks to research in cooperation with Semperit to optimise the gasket geometry. The gaskets of the new Schuco Living windows are made of EPDM and are perfectly weldable. This small detail improves the production process and sealing precision. The profiles of Schuco Living PVC windows are also available in a mass colour. For example, grey, a popular colour, is matched on mass-coloured profiles.


Thermal insulation Uf 0.96

Thanks to the new Living technology, the new Schuco windows set a new Record in the 82 mm system category.

Technical Data


Burglar-resistance DIN V ENV 1627 to 1630, "RC2"
Schuco Living PVC windows


Air infiltration DIN EN 12207 "Class 4″