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Pvc Front Doors

For excellent thermal insulation. Maintenance-free even when facing the street or north side of the house. Pvc entrance doors are available in a glazed version or with decorative panels. Pvc entrance doors can be configured in the wide range of profiles available and the type of decorative panel. Those who need maximum light will find the glazed version. Glazed pvc front doors can be produced in any individual division made with horizontal or vertical glass cutters. Prices vary widely. In the online configurator, you will find finished entrance doors complete with decorative panels and glazed PVC entrance doors.

Why choose pvc doors?

Rehau 70 mm Brillant pvc front doors with decorative panels from the new modern Ecoline series stand out for their excellent value for money. In the colour white they are available from EUR 895 + VAT. A complete configuration with three-point security lock with cylinder, inside handle and outside knob. The hinges are always reinforced with vertical, horizontal and gasket pressure adjustment. Concealed hinges are also available as an option. They increase security and work completely on the inside. The threshold profile is always already lowered in aluminium with double gasket. Discover also our aluminium or glass doors.


    • Ideal for outdoor use excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
    • Security lock and reinforced strips
    • Wide range of colours
    • Available with decorative or glazed panel

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    Here is the new Ecoline product series

    Here you will find PVC doors with decorative panels from the Ecoline range of excellent quality and unbeatable prices. As standard we offer three-point security hardware with adjustable reinforced hinges and an external handle. The standard lock is already equipped with automatic rostroses that advance 2 cm as soon as the sash is put down and without locking. This technology ensures that the seal adheres to the perimeter even if the door is not locked. This increases perimeter insulation and security in the home.

    The profiles are 82 - 86 mm thick, reinforced on the inside with generously dimensioned steel tubes and corner connections. The Ecoline series combined with extremely strong profiles from the Rehau Geneo and Salamander bluEvolution 82 series opens up new levels of thermal and acoustic insulation.

    The panels have thicknesses of 40 mm in the standard version and 62 mm in the smooth exterior version. The combination of well-structured panels and reinforced profiles of increased depth increase safety and insulation. They save on utility bills and qualify for tax deductions for energy recovery.


    Pannello lato esterno liscio

    Pvc front doors can have a smooth or stepped outer side in the standard version. In the stepped version, the door leaf profile remains on the visible exterior side. Smooth exterior with deeper panels provides greater thermal insulation and an even more elegant exterior design. The sash profile is completely covered on the outside.

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