Lift and Slide Door Aluplast Hst 85 - Bright and Accessible Spaces
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Lift and Slide Door Aluplast Hst 85

Ease of Use and Energy Savings

Experience the highest level of quality and innovation with our Aluplast Hst 85 Lift and Slide door, guaranteeing a unique living experience.

For those looking for efficient and elegant solutions for their windows and doors, the Aluplast HST 85 Lift and Slide door with a depth of 85 mm is the most complete solution.

They are highly energy efficient and easy to use. Even in the maximum dimensions of 6.50 x 2.80 m, they open easily, ensuring a comfortable and barrier-free entry.


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Turn your home into an oasis of relaxation

For a quiet and peaceful home, the lift and slide door Aluplast HST 85is equipped with burglary protection class RC2 and up to 44 dB sound insulation.

Saving Energy with Aluplast

Your heating costs are reduced with the Aluplast system, thanks to its superior thermal insulation capabilities. There are two options: Standard and Premium, which offer exceptional thermal insulation values to meet passive house standards.

  • 85 mm depth
  • Uf = 1,3 W/m²K
  • Uw = 0.87 W/m²K with standard three-pane glass
  • Uw = 0.71 W/m²K in the best possible variant

  • 85 mm depth
  • Uf = 1,1 W/m²K
  • Uw = 0.80 W/m²K with standard three-pane glass
  • Uw = 0.63 W/m²K in the best possible variant

Brightness and Space Saving

Save space and make your rooms brighter with Aluplast!

Aluplast HST 85 Lift and Slide Doors are equipped with large glass surfaces, allowing natural views and the possibility of sunshine to enter your rooms. The doors designed for terrace, balcony and garden access are space-saving as they open in parallel full-glass without taking up additional space.

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Accessibility for everyone

The Aluplast HST 85 Lift&Slide door is designed to ensure mobility for everyone, including people with reduced mobility, without any obstacles.

They offer a level of accessibility that is not compromised in the barrier-free version, which presents fewer obstacles and allows easy entry and exit.

Not only do these doors have the ability to open and close without difficulty, but they also adhere to the DIN 18040 standard for barrier-free construction.