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Garage doors

Buy your garage doors at WinDirect, the portal for customized garage doors! Here you will find sectional overhead doors with excellent value for money. Also, you can choose between manual and automatic models. In any case, you'll have the advantage of light and silent movement even if you have little space at the top (min. lintel 10cm). Our insulated doors have an excellent thermal insulation of Uf 1.0. Thanks to online order management, WinDirect manages to optimise production costs and is able to offer the best products available on the market at the best price.


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Comfort and security

With us, door prices are the most competitive on the market! As well as being cheaper, buying on WinDirect is also more convenient and faster: to order you just use the online configurator, all you have to do is choose the model or request an immediate quote. Then you can place your order directly without moving from home! Once the order has been picked up, winDirect will deliver the material to the location indicated by the customer, with fast and accurate shipments capable of reaching your home. And if you don't know how to assemble the doors, we take care of that too!

Durable and variable materials

We offer a wide range of colours and structures to customise your garage doors. Both the type and surface of the panels are variable. In addition, all doors are available with the special Woodgrain structure. The curtain is made of 40 mm thick panels with a height of 500 and 610 mm. The panel with galvanised sheet metal fittings made of stable steel and filled with polyurethane foam impresses with its long durability.



Traction spring

molle-a-torsione-anteriore-portone sezionale

Torsion spring

In the traction spring version, the weight of the panels is balanced along the vertical guides. To optimise the service life of the door, the spring is inset with another spring. With this triple spring technology, doors weighing up to 120 kg can be lifted. Traction springs are recommended for restorations or small garages.

For large gates, we recommend front torsion springs. With this state-of-the-art mechanism, maximum weights of 195 kg are possible - but only if the lintel height is at least 200 mm. For doors with a low lintel, rear torsion springs should be chosen. These work if the minimum height is 70 mm, while the maximum weight remains at 195 kg.

Customize your garage door

Our configurator makes the process of choosing an exterior door simple and pleasant.

You can choose from a variety of colours and finishes to match your sectional door to your desired aesthetic, thanks to our configurator. Whether you prefer classic or modern colours, there are many options available.