Pvc windows

Pvc windows: Selected and Versatile

At winDirect you can choose from the best pvc windows and doors from the most reliable brands on the market: Schuco, Rehau, Veka, Salamander and Gealan. A selected portfolio of pvc windows destined for the Italian market because they are perfectly in line with the requirements for accessing tax deductions. If you are looking for pvc windows for new construction with a counter frame to be walled in or for renovation, the winDirect online shop covers the entire branch for every type of application.

In addition to individual windows and doors, you will find various complementary profiles for possible claddings, insulated counter frames, roller shutters, blinds, doors and sliding glass windows. WinDirect offers its customers a versatile range of frames, divided into three bands: from the basic frame (basic), which in any case already covers all the needs required on the Italian market, you can opt for the Medium or Topclass band, if you want the best in terms of insulating glass thickness and finish.

You can compare the different pvc windows belonging to the three ranges through the configurator and choose the product features that best suit your taste and budget on our bestseller range page.

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What are the advantages of pvc windows and doors?

PVC windows and doors are durable and maintenance-free. The average lifespan of Pvc windows is more than 25 years. Modern pvc windows and doors are 70 to 90 mm thick with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation values, they are robust and burglar- resistant: they allow the use of triple glazing with double anti-breakage.

How to choose pvc windows: with or without fins?

Our pvc window frames are available with a simple 'ELLE' frame and with a 'ZETA' frame (with fins). If the window is installed flush on the inside, we recommend the use of a frame with fins. This application does not require a trim on the inside. For frames mounted halfway up the wall or with a roller shutter unit we recommend the choice of an "ELLE" frame. All window frame measurements found in the online configurator are to be considered finished. We recommend 2 to 4 mm of air on each side. The fins are not considered in the measurements, only the frame.